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We specialize in making your concepts a reality.

Creating a beautiful, functional, and sustainable landscape is an artful pairing of creativity and technical construction expertise, from the very beginning of a project’s vision throughout its completion. May Creek’s entire family works with clients, contractors, vendors, and subcontractors to create sophisticated spaces that reflect a collaborative vision of the designer and client. Our goal is to build high-value, high-quality, turn-key landscapes that allow clients and their families to use and enjoy their new outdoor spaces as soon as a project is completed. 
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Why Choose Us

We are experts in our field

May Creek is an experienced, passionate, and fully-integrated landscape design and installation service. We honor the vision of our clients with green, smart, and sustainable landscapes that add value to the investment.

Elements of art and science are the foundation of aesthetically pleasing landscaped spaces that extend indoor living to the outdoors. Architecture, botany, artisan specialties, combine with soil and civil engineering, to create highly sought after destinations of relaxation, inspiration, and tranquility.
Every landscape has a story to tell. Its ecology, microclimates, and setting, all combine to create the outdoor environment it presents today and a vision of what is possible. In everything we do, we seek to enhance the lives of our clients in the way they view and interact with their landscapes.
It all begins with a discussion. Share your vision and the story of your land. We will create options that reflect your vision and are true to our passion to the art and science of landscaped spaces.